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We want to create value from data

Unnoticed, many organizations have collected data that can be used for all kinds of purposes. That way value can be created. Moreover, there are all kinds of data sources available that can also be of value to your organization in combination. If for a small company it might be the cash register as an important data supplier, then for a large organization many other data sources have been created. Aiungo specializes in value creation for your organization from data. We translate data into value and / or solutions with which you can continue.

How do we do that?

We have developed various solutions for various issues.


Machine Learning Models as a Service

We developed a platform where we offer ML models as a service. These can be easily accessed via connectors. These connectors can be integrated in apps, web etc.


Machine Learning Models as a Platform

This is an in-house platform where you have a complete in-house solution. The big advantage here is that you keep your data in-house but also that your structure lends to your machine learning models. Moreover, you can easily link your applications with our integration connectors.


Datascience and Consultancy

Our employees can be deployed worldwide for your project. These are data science specialists who have a lot of experience with developing models, structuring your data infrastructure and helping you shape your strategy.

Our office addresses:


The Netherlands


Aiungo is a "machine learning models as a service" platform. We supply models for every company, we cannot do this as a startup alone, which is why we are looking for partners who would like to deploy their investment in machine learning models widely in the market.

Our vision

Machine Learning Models can no longer be ignored in organizations and / or in private lives. The self-mowing robot or voice control systems in our houses. Predict models in e-commerce or analysis models at banks and even hospitals. These are just examples of ML models that many organizations are developing.

These models cost a lot of time and therefore money. Moreover, there are no organizations with 1 model. After all, if you could make a prediction about the one fact, that would have almost immediate consequences for the next action in an organization. Centralizing and channeling is therefore very important. Moreover, "unambiguous access" offers many benefits for organizations.

What are we looking for?

We would like to get in touch with organizations that also develop (pre-trained) machine learning models. We have a vision of how we could grow our platform into a uniform whole that many organizations can take advantage of.

Our Products and Services

We as are specialists in data science. In addition to developing models for machine learning,bring westructure in data and consultancy to help your organization with setting up and implementing your data strategy.

Many organizations struggle with the challenge of shaping AI strategy. We as have developed a platform that brings structure to the data approach. At some point, not far from now, AI will be needed to survive as a company and the competition stay ahead of. We recognize this challenge and have developed a platform that can help you take those first steps.

We as an AI development company deliver a "Machine Learning Models as a service" (online) or "as a platform" (in-house) product. Below you can see what kind of machine learning models we deliver.

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